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Danielle Hulan

Registered Social Worker

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[email protected]

What magic it is to walk alongside someone as they navigate the human experience or a particularly challenging time in their life. Sometimes the ‘magic’ is more swampy and sticky, and sometimes the magic is witnessing someone free themselves from the constant shackle of anxiety. I truly love this work.

My approach is relational, gentle, and creative. We will work together to alleviate symptoms, and to support you to understand the roots of the symptoms (if desired). We will deepen an understanding of your emotions, and we will work to get more clear on your needs. We will move you in the direction of your goals for you and your life.

Areas of Practice

Perinatal Mental Health and Fertility
Stress and Burnout


*Registered Social Workers are covered under most insurance benefits.

Accessible Therapy/Sliding Scale program offered.

Education & Certifications

Master of Social Work, University of Toronto, 2013
Emotion-Focused Therapy, 2-day, 2014
200hr Yoga Teacher Training, 2015
Dialectical Behavioural Training, 2-day, 2016
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, 2017
Narrative Certification, 2017
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Level 1, 2019
EMDR Certified Therapist, Niagara Stress & Trauma Clinic, 2022
Supervision Training, Almuth Weigeldt, 2022/2023
EMDR Consultant-in-Training, EMDRIA, Current

EMDRIA Certification Badge

Coffee Corner

What I’m listening to right now?

Stevie Nicks and Harry Styles

What I’m reading right now?

My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem

The Haunted Self by Van Der Hary, E.R. Nijenhuis, K. Steele 

What’s your favourite way to spend free time?

Living room dance parties, laughing with friends, hiking with my family, sitting in the sun with a very hot coffee, charcuterie boards, going on adventures, running, yoga, trying a new recipe.

Who do you work with?

People often come to see me with experiences of anxiety, depression, trauma, or grief. I work with adults across the age span.

What would you like a client to say about working with you?

I would wish for a client to say that they felt safe in my presence and in our relationship. I would wish that they felt that they discovered a stronger sense of self through working together, and that the work helped them connect with their own wisdom and ability to heal. I would wish that they could look at their lives (then to now), and see the change that has unfolded with both a bit of awe and pride.

What is your favourite poem?

Life doesn’t always get better.
But you do.
You get stronger.
You get wiser.
You get softer.
With tattered wings you rise.
And the world watches in wonder
at the breathless beauty of
a human who survived life.
 L.R. Knost

Have you ever read a book that changed your life?

Judith Herman’s Trauma and Recovery. It floored me. It introduced me to understanding trauma and created the foundation for my own trauma-informed therapy practice.