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Mood & Anxiety

If you’re struggling with issues that involve your mood or anxiety, we can help.

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Fertility & New Parents

Wanting to become a parent and becoming a parent can be very tough paths – these paths can require an abundance of support and community, and sometimes specialized care around mental health. The Cove supports women and genderqueer folx who are on this path of wanting to become parents, as well as new mothers and fathers who may need support with the adjustment to parenthood.

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Trauma & Grief

If you have experienced trauma (past or more recent), or need support navigating grief or complex grief, please reach out.

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“Be messy and complicated and afraid and show up anyway.”

– Glennon Doyle

Group Therapy

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Relationships & Communication

Do you want to improve your relationships and communication with the people in your life (friends, family members, partners, colleagues)? We can help!

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Body & Food

We see food and body symptoms as a solution to something going on for you, and will work with you to understand, explore, heal, and develop new ways of coping.

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